Andrea Buckley

Andrea Buckley is a certified Rolfer, dance performer, maker and teacher whose work is informed by 24 years of practice. Through various engagements and initiatives  within the UK and abroad she has worked with artists such as Rosie Lee, Sue MacLenan, Kirstie Simson, Nancy Stark Smith, Lisa Nelson, Gill Clarke and Deborah Hay amongst others. Her work with Siobhan Davies Dance extends over 16 years.-4320132813_page_image_500Table of Contents, ICA, Photo by Pari Naderi

Her research draws upon an extensive range of improvisation and contact skills and investigative movement practices where process and reflections are grounded in observation, perception, culture and imagination. The emphasis is on the thinking moving body.

As a founder member of LIC (Liverpool Improvisation Collective) and commitment to the Northwest her own needs to cultivate work is to explore further the scope for movement as a means to communicate generous and honest work in performance.